Well-being through creative activity

WellArt 26th July

As we were out of our normal room this week we had a visit from the poet AnnWilson. She led the session creating some fantastic poems and stories based around the images we had seen last week at the Graham Sutherland Exhibition. Ann played a number of word games so that we did not feel under pressure and the results were brilliant. We will be putting the poems and stories together along with images we made inspired by the exhibition.

Butterfly Stroke Group Monday 22nd July

A really good session here. We started by looking at images by Scottie Wilson, then we created our own in the style of. Because many of the group have mobility problems effecting their hands we had to simplify the activity a lot to take account of this. One man had been a professional artist but said this was the first time he had picked up a pencil since his stroke. He then went on to produce lovely small portrait sketches of people in the group!


DSCF0256 DSCF0263 DSCF0267

WellArt 19th July

The WellArt group visited the new Abbot Hall Gallery exhibition “Exultant Strageness: Graham Sutherland Landscapes.”. The images gave the group many ideas around taking elements of the local landscape and using them in a more abstract way. Anne-Marie the Engagement Officer gave us a brilliant guided tour explaining the work and life of the artist. We were accompanied by Ann a poet who was looking at the themes in the exhibition to use as inspiration for written pieces. An inspiring exhibition all round.

Gallery Visit-Graham Sutherland Exhibition

On Friday 19th July the WellArt group is visiting the new Graham Sutherland exhibition at Abbot Hall Gallery with a guided tour by the Engagement Officer Anne-Marie. The group will also be accompanied by a poet, Ann, who will be doing some work with the group the following week to write a response to the exhibition with the aim of producing an illustrated booklet.

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