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2Create Tuesday 27th August

The 2Create group were hard at work getting ready for the shoe shed project for Friday when we will be putting it up and dressing it at the Abbot Hall Art Gallery. What has been really good for this project is the way in which everyone has come together and been creative as well as supportive of the other members in the groups. People struggling with a whole range of illness and disability have come together to create regardless of ability or skill and everyone has contributed something to the finished project.


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The Shoe Shed Story

Sometimes an encounter can be so strange, beyond our immediate comprehension and experience. So outside our anticipation and culture that it seems alien, other worldly or in the realms of fantasy. We judge those things that we cannot neatly label, shun them, avoid, disregard and overlook. Operating on the fringes of society, excluded and cast out these happenings, even individuals still exist and move among us. Maybe we just don’t see them.

What if such an individual came to be among us? Lost and cast out, alone, scared. They were living in plain sight, making do with what they could find, helping themselves to our unresolved lives and passing among us with fear and caution. What if they found solace in an object we threw away so readily while at the same time holding them in high regard? How would the outsider view our obsessions, desires and concerns? Perhaps they would be overwhelmed. Could they even copy our lives in a cruel parody, seeking a sense of conformity while ever being one step removed?

Just such an individual has been living here in Kendal with us. When we first discovered the shed it was clear this was no average person. We leave it to the reader to observe and draw their own conclusions about this individual. Who are they? What are they? Where have they gone? Will they come back? What are they like, look like? All these questions you will have to answer for yourself. Just remember though, how far removed are we from being cast out, disregarded and overlooked? Do you believe it could never happen to you, to be alone, to be isolated, to be lost? Think again……


See the Shoe shed at Abbot Hall Art Gallery as part of their Mintfest celebrations from Friday 30th August til Sunday  1St September.

WellArt Friday 23rd August

One week to go until Mintfest. The group was busy making roof tiles and other bits for the shed installation at Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal. We used templates of insoles to cut tiles from the lino Carl and Mat sourced from Kendal Discount Carpets. Some people painted them too. We also started dressing the shed with some tiles going on and a border around the edges. Inside we built a shelf for the hammock to hang over and started putting up the shoeprint wallpaper. It will all come together to create a little world inhabited by a character who is obsessed with shoes. Read the full story from Monday here and on our Facebook page!


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Thursday Group 22nd August

The Thursday Group were full on making for the shoe shed art installation for mintfest at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. A weather vane with shoes, a stove, wall trophies and many other decorations were being made. Meanwhile Carl and Mat went round carpet shops to find Lino to cut up as roof tiles for the shed. They also looked for shoes!

A Shed for Mintfest!

Today we built the shed we will be using to house our Mintfest art installation as part of Abbot Hall Art Galleries contributions. As usual with flat packs, the bits were a bit wonky and not all the screws were there but we got it done! It is now ready for Friday when the WellArt group will start to transform it.



2Create Tuesday 20th August

Today the group, led by Mat and Jo, worked towards the shoe based shed installation for Mintfest in Kendal. All sorts of little projects are emerging developing ideas for the shed that will all come together to tell a mysterious story about shoes! Some continued printing with shoes, others were making shoe printing blocks. Jo had made an amazing hammock knitted from Shoe laces! Two people made shoe related items for the walls. All will be revealed on the 30th August in the grounds of Abbot Hall Art Gallery.


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WellArt Friday 16th August

A mixed session that was good fun. We were preparing for the art installation we are doing as part of Abbot Hall Art gallery during Mintfest. The installation has a shoe theme though not just about shoes. Given the history of Kendal it seemed a good choice of subject matter. Oh yes and it involves a shed! We were printing with shoes, making crockery on a shoe style and drawing or painting shoes. Why? Wait for Mintfest!


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