Well-being through creative activity

Saturday at the Kendal Comic Arts Festival

The Space2Create team had a great day on Saturday at the Comic Arts Festival. We were in front of our Comic Art Trail Window at Kendal Waterstones selling the comics and chatting about our work. Made lots of connections and contacts as well… as finding new members. The night before some of the group were at the film V for Vendetta with a talk by it’s creator. The film was great and it is always interesting to hear how these stories come about.

WellArt 13th October

WellArt was run by one of our members this week. Mike bravely took the session based on his interest in Hereldry. He showed us the history, how to read the coats of arms and helped he group to start building up their own made up arms. No images, not far enough on but will be showing results next week when they are done.

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