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WellArt Friday 8th November

The WellArt group today was in the Abbot Hall Art Gallery led by Lakeland Arts Engagement Officer Anne-Marie. She talked about the images in the Radev Collection in the exhibition but was also keen to get the group drawing in the gallery. S…he had set up several still life scenes based on pictures in the exhibition such that they appeared to have fallen out of the pictures around the gallery. She invited us to draw using pen, pencil or biro, the still life scenes. She was keen to encourage the group to free up and feel happy and comfortable with making marks and lines. It was liberating to feel no pressure and be free to draw in the gallery overlooked by such great artworks. After a while we all gathered in a smaller space and continued to explore the still life making a new arrangement we sketched from all angles and even above. A great sessions and many thanks to Anne-Marie.
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WellArt Friday 1st November

WellArt was largely inspired by Damien Hirst this week, with the group spinning paint on paper plates in various rotating devices (most effective being a salad spinner!) to achieve some remarkable effects. Others also practised drawing without using outlines, again with striking results. A very creative session!

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