Well-being through creative activity

Week 4 Visiting the Gallery and Inspiration from posters.


This week the WellArt the group went into the Patrick Caulfield exhibition at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. The group were very impressed after creating images based on the artist’s work in the last couple of weeks. Next week, the Engagement Officer w…ill be doing a printing session with the group based on the exhibition. The WellArt Group has been asked by the gallery to create a large window display based on one of Caulfield’s images, ‘Pottery’.
Thursday Group
The aim of the session was to develop a new set of skills by creating small books. These were covered with individuals’ own designs, using printing techniques, stamps, collage or hand-sewing onto fabric. Two participants worked on their… rag rugs, and another one brought in ideas for the flower festival. We plan to carry on with these books to completion in the next session, and to further develop the ideas brought in for the festival.
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In 2Create we started by looking at old railway posters. In particular we were interested in how some used blocks of colour to represent landscape, so we set about recreating this style. Using landscape photos for inspiration, we firs…t planned out our images in pastels intending to paint them properly. Some also tried being more abstract, and Ant was drawing a Pulp Fiction-inspired image. A good and busy session as usual and very enjoyable.
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Kentmere Ward
The aim of today’s session was to use simple watercolour techniques to paint spring flowers. This allowed the conversation to focus on looking forward as well as enabling us to develop our drawing and watercolour skills. The group used penc…il, watercolours and watercolours to try and capture the flowers on paper. One participant then went on to create cards from watercolour painted hearts. The outcome was a very successful session.
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Week 3 2014 Growing numbers

It has been great to see the numbers attending sessions grow, especially for WellArt and 2Create. This is always accompanied by a little sadness when you hear the stories each new person brings and makes you realise just how important even a simple creative group session  can be in a persons life , helping them to cope with difficult circumstances.


In WellArt we continued to look at the artist Patrick Caulfield. Having looked at reducing objects into simpler outline forms last week, we looked at using colour to achieve a similar style as him. We had a selection of everyday items… to look at and each person chose an object to focus on. They then created an outline, painted the image in bright and bold colours and finally outlined the image in black. Overall some good pieces were produced and it was an enjoyable session too.
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At 2Create we had a session brainstorming and generating ideas for a new Space2Create poster. We were looking for participants in the groups to contribute ideas. We were trying to think of images and words that conveyed what Space2Cre…ate was about, what it meant to people who attended sessions and what we do. Some good ideas emerged over the session, enough for two or three different posters! We are also looking to have a roll up sign and an A-board to put at venues.
DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0040 DSC_0042 Photo0998
Kentmere Ward
In an enjoyable session on the ward, participants were encouraged to make stress (or juggling) balls from barley or rice, a bank bag and two cut balloons. The bank bag was filled with rice or barley, and folded shut. The balloons (blowing e…nds cut off) were then wrapped one way around the bag, then the other. The results were colourful and sturdy, with a variety of entertaining or therapeutic uses. Participants were also encouraged to draw and embellish snaking, tube-like lines on pieces of paper, with pleasing results.
Thursday Group
In a busy session (so busy that no new photographs were taken!), participants were encouraged to build on the ideas generated for use in the upcoming flower festival last Thursday. The group worked to create pictures of flowers, birds, butt…erflies and owls, using textiles to create a collage effect. Others in the group took the idea of flowers and textiles to create rag-rugged and hooked pictures; and still others used textiles and richly-patterned fabric to create a unique bag. Further ideas were shared, and participants plan to carry on with their projects next week.

Week 2 2014 Getting back up to speed!

After a two week break for Christmas many of the Space2Create participants and team were ready to get back to creating. 2014 is hopefully a year of growth for the group looking to expand it’s volunteer base, offer new opportunities and build on the great work from 2013. We plan to give a weekly review of all our groups in the blog now see make sure you look all the way down to the bottom!

2Create-7th January

We were all ready and keen to carry on with being creative into 2014. We had a look at some 1950’s designs noting the bright colours and the use of pastel or pale backgrounds with darker colours on top and just using limited colours. We als…o looked how the designs had fine detail added over the top of this too. We then had a go at creating our own 50’s designs. Ant was busy creating a portrait of the Trotters as Batman and Robin!
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Kentmere Ward 8th January
In today’s session we looked at making all sorts of small and mini books, using gluing, sewing and rings to bind the pages. Different fabrics and patterned papers were used to make the covers. The aim of the session was to look at making so…mething which could be used as a journal or diary for the New Year – encouraging participants to record thoughts, aims, goals, ideas or plans and drawings for themselves. The outcome proved very successful.
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Thursday Group 9th January
The aim of the first Thursday group of the New Year was to look at lots of different ideas for forthcoming sessions. There is a Flower Festival coming up, so we focused on ideas involving different ways to produce flowers, butterflies and birds. The outcome of the session was the production of lots of different ways to incorporate this theme, using many different types of medium. A few items were even created.
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WellArt 10th January
Today in WellArt we looked forward to the upcoming Patrick Caulfield exhibition at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. We discussed how, although simple, the images maintained their integrity to line, proportion and perspective; the use of bright colours too. We then looked at drawing a chair in its simplest form in his style. Some moved on to drawing full scenes. The next session will be looking to do a larger image based on his work.
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