Well-being through creative activity

Week 5 A week of creativity

This week has been brilliant with lots of excellent creative work done by Space2Create participants both at sessions and in their own time. It is great to see how individuals can be inspired art and then go away to try out their own ideas at the same time giving them a purpose and focus that helps their well-being.


Anne-Marie from Lakeland Arts Trust ran the WellArt session this week based on our visit to the Patrick Caufield exhibition at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. With Anne-Marie we developed sketches of simple everyday objects before creating printing blocks from polystyrene board. We pressed designs into the board with pens. These were then inked up with printing ink and pressed down. We made a group print of repeating pattern. A really good session enjoyed by all that wetted our appetites for printing like this so we shall probably be carrying on in 2Create next week!

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Thursday Group and Kentmere Ward

On Kentmere Ward Sally and Jo worked with the patients, developing ideas with clay. They used air drying clay to make models of their hands. These and other designs were then embellished with further clay decoration. They showed how clay can be joined together securely using cutting and slip, so that bits did not break off as the clay dried.

In the Thursday session we carried on with the theme of flowers, using different media and techniques to further develop skills. We used clay, paper, maps and sheet music to create flowers and floral designs. Some individuals also created u…nique items, developing their cartoon-drawing skills, creating a handmade paper fan, hand-sewn figures and handmade books. These sessions aim to encourage individuals to develop their own ideas and skills, as well as suggesting items to work on. This particular session was very productive and creative.
IMG_2189 IMG_2190 IMG_2191 IMG_2192 IMG_2200 IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2203
In 2Create, we took inspiration from the way Patrick Caulfield had paid homage to Picasso and other artists he was inspired by, in recreating or using elements of their pictures. We focused on Picasso and worked to each create a deconstruct…ed homage to Picasso. Some cut out parts from photos while others drew out their own. Some people looked and imagined viewing a Picasso image from a different angle, as Caulfield had looked at Picasso figures from behind to reveal unseen detail. Others rearranged the elements of a picture to create a new composition. One or two were working on their own projects too.
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