Well-being through creative activity

Week 12 New Groups announced and general handy artiness.

Space2Create announced this week a new Creative Writing Group would be starting led by Poet Ann Wilson. The groups start from April 7th at the Gateway Centre in Kendal 1.45 pm to 3.45 pm.


In today’s session, the group embarked on a creative hand project – a recognition of what the hand can do. Participants drew an outline of their own hands, and within the constraints of the outline, proceeded to decorate as they saw fit. A …very effective technique was to do an ink wash, then to make highlights on the dry ink using a solution of watered-down bleach, creating a luminous finish; other techniques used felt-tip pen, crayon or even old maps and sweet wrappers to create differing effects. The resulting work was both varied and striking.
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Kentmere Ward
The spring-like theme continued in today’s session on the ward, as participants were invited to create images, either of a bunch of roses, or of spring generally. These images eventually took on various forms: some remained as pencil drawings; others acquired strokes of colour; still others were used in mixed media pieces and became decorative bunting, in what proved a very productive and enjoyable session.
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Thursday Group
In today’s session we celebrated a very important birthday of one of our members, so it was cake all round!! The other aim of the session was to continue working towards the forthcoming Flower Festival. Participants used many different tech…niques and materials to create wonderful flowers and a giant metal flower basket. The bunting – which we have been working on for some time – was almost completed by one participant: this proved to make the task all the more relevant and rewarding for her. The session saw everyone completing many of the projects previously started, which was very pleasing.
IMG_2408 IMG_2412 IMG_2413 IMG_2415 IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419
Our hands have great significance to us as individuals. We touch and feel, we express and communicate with our hands. Carrying on where 2Create started, the WellArt group had a go at this activity, each expressing individually, their hands…. They drew round a hand then decorated in a variety of ways. For each individual the hands had different significance. Whether pained by recent operations, suffering with MS or with neuropathy pain, these hands delivered an original insight to each persons feelings this morning.
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