Well-being through creative activity

Week 20: Abstraction, abstraction surealism and flash.

Creative Writing

A good session in Creative Writing. We played some story telling games about being chased, then worked on some ‘flash’ stories, short pieces they were complete stories. Some really interesting stories emerged.


In 2Create we continued with our Abstract project. We are aiming for each person in the group to produce an abstract in acrylic on canvas. We started last week with the theme earth, fire, water and air as a practice. Today some of the group moved to thinking how their ideas might translate into a painting and began on paper. When they have gone though the process of idea to painting on the shared theme they will hopefully have more confidence to then develop an idea of their own and to paint a finished canvas.
Kentmere Ward
Having picked many of our subjects from the roadside on the way in, we mainly worked on studies of flowers, using pastels, charcoal, chalks and coloured pencils; we also drew fruits and Cave Art, however, with remarkable results. Pastels can be very challenging as a medium, as they are not as easily controllable as some others; yet participants enjoyed experimenting with simple lines and darker papers to create some vibrant and luminous images.
DeafArt today were working in clay making flowers and some interesting sculptures!
Thursday Group
One of the wonderful things about S2C is that we try to encourage participants to be unique and individual, and this session was no exception. Everyone worked on their own projects: crocheting, embroidery, creating hand-made dolls, needle felting and sketching in preparation for creating a window display for the Comic Art Festival. A busy and creative session.
The WellArt group continued being Surreal this week after the visit to the British Surrealists exhibition at Abbot Hall Art Gallery last week. We had enjoyed working with Anne-Marie on her surrealist suitcase. Instead we had a surrealist suitcase that we complemented with small items each member brought in. We picked two items then thought about a story which related the two together. Then we created a surrealist image based on that in various media from pencil to pastels to watercolours. The end results were pretty surreal! Just to add to the surreal nature of the morning one of our members brought in some stage makeup and showed how to make fake wounds.




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