Well-being through creative activity

Week 22: A quiet week at half term painting canvases and planning comics.


In this session we carried on our project to develop ideas and paint an abstract canvas. A couple of people started on their canvas but many were still refining their ideas Hopefully next week they will be well under way!


Manna House (Local homeless charity)

Space2Create has a very good relationship with Manna House in Kendal, and 3 or 4 times a year we run a session there. Today we worked with air-drying clay. This clay is brilliant to work with, as it doesn’t dry out very quickly, so can be shaped and moulded for quite a long time and still create great shapes. We all drew round our hands in pieces of flattened clay and then everyone decorated them in their own style. This allowed everyone to be completely unique and individual. It was a very successful and enjoyable session. At the end, we all admired each other’s work, and one delighted participant said ‘we should all clap’, because everyone had made such pleasing pieces. Thank you Manna House for a lovely morning.
Thursday Group
In this weeks  session, one of the participants had expressed an interest in printing, so we made this a focus. Using a polystyrene tile to draw your image on, and then repeatedly going over it to allow the image to be printed clearly, is a simple but effective technique. It is very achievable, and produces really great prints. As always, others in the group worked on individual pieces: rag rugging, embroidery and sewing. This session proved to be very productive.
WellArt  was a bit of a planning and thinking session. We were getting ready for the Comic Art Festival in October. We looked areas for our window in Game, planned out our character ideas and started on ideas for comic stories.


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