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Week 27: Meetings, mixed media and masks!

This week started with a meeting hosted by the Cumbria Voluntary Service for groups which had received NCIS funding. This was a brilliant meeting in which all the groups shared the fantastic work they had been doing with the funding. It was also a great chance to make connections and links to each other so in future we can support each others work.

Two sessions stand out to me this week for the same reasons. 2Create and WellArt. Both with very high attendance (to the point of bursting!) and both where and idea was put to the group and everyone there picked it up and ran a very long way with it. It is so good to see people who had no confidence and needed step by step instructions start to feel untethered and able to set off on their own creative journeys.


In 2Create the group were looking at mixed media. We looked at examples and then the group set to with a whole range of resources. Being the creative bunch they were there were soon bits of allsorts being collected. We had talked about mixing text into the piece and having a theme. Ant was drawing too and Chris was in Comic Art Festival mood working on his comic strip.

Kentmere Ward

On the ward, we used air-dried clay rolled out thinly, and then pressed wild flowers, grasses and leaves into it. We also rolled lace into the clay to create texture, and then cut out stars, hearts and fish which could then be painted and varnished later. This clay is very easy to use and doesn’t need to be fired, but will dry hard very quickly. The session also enabled the participants to chat and laugh whilst creating, and this made the session very inclusive and enjoyable.
In the DeafArt session Ant showed the group how to create these colourful images. A layer of colour covered by black crayon which can then be scratched away to leave an image.
Thursday Group
In the session, some of the participants just wanted to talk, watch others creating and look through books for inspiration. This made for a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We also decided to look at marionettes, and to see if we could create our own. Using newspapers to shape the head, body and limbs, we then started to cover them in modroc. Watch this space to see them progress!! Others in the session drew and sketched, sewed and even created a beautiful flag. A varied and supportive session.
Dana led the session. mWe used prepared masks, some whole face and some just eyes. We then applied a layer of acrylic decoration. When this dried we applied various decoration such as glitter, feathers, ribbon and coloured patterned paper. The masks look great and look even better all together.








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