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Week 28: Simple lines, Modroc and the sculpters touch.

This week has been great to see al the Service Users at Space2Create pull together to help when we have been a little short on our main volunteers. What could have been a very stressfull week has turned into a very creative one! As the week went on, we started with simple drawings then moved towards sculptural 3D work.


Creative Writing

Another fun writing session with Ann The Poet. We had some great ideas and lots of laughs. We wrote short pieces from the viewpoint of an animal and then wrote poems based on using a repeating time related phrase. We finished of using a randomly generated list of words to randomly throw together sentences which gave us all a good laugh. Next week, 14th July will be the last for a while unitl end of August.


Today the group took inspiration from a book called “Grand Gestures” by Simon Moreton. We loved the really simple forms used to tell the story. We had a go at creating drawings using very simple line. We then expanded on this looking how we could develop the lines by adding thickness in curves and rounding edges where two lines met. A very interesting and experimental session.
This session took some inspiration from the work of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. We started with a warm up task drawing curved shapes. We then looked at taking an image then reducing it down and simplifying it. We then used this sketch to create a £D piece. this was done by constructing the basic shape in paper and masking tape and then using modroc around the outside to form the sculpture.
Thursday Group
A good relaxing session for all involved with many different project being worked on. One person worked on creating a mask in the style of an apothacry from 16th century Italy. There was some sowing and needlework projects and rag rugging to. Some nice felting continuing to finish off pieces started in previous sessions.
A mixed bag of different work from simple line drawings to more colourful efforts using paint trails to enhance the images.
Kentmere Ward
In the Kentmere Ward session the group were influenced by the work of comic artist Simon Moreton who uses very simple lines to tell stories as the 2Create group did on Tuesday. Each session being unique this evolved and individuals went on to create patterns, add their own ideas to the examples we brought to draw freely. The session was simple in it’s format enabling everyone to chat, support and share ideas. The outcomes show how productive and creative we all were.


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