Well-being through creative activity

Week 34: In which we are creative and do stuff for other people too!


This week has seen us start getting going in earnest ready for the Comic Art Festival in October. The window displays we are doing are going to need to be ready by the beginning of October and with the move to our new building around then too things could get tight! We have sorted out the plans but still need to get it all made.

We also got involved this week in a C-Art project, making Mayfly for an exhibition in Rheged for the C-Art event in September. This was a good session as relating the Mayfly to a thing each maker cherished proved very rewarding.

A reminder too that we stop regular sessions on September 15th while we sort out the move to the new unit (though there may be a few emergency Comic Art Fest make sessions).



2Create today continued working towards the Comic Art Festival window display for the trail. Some started enlarging their characters while we finalised the overall appearance of the window and drew up a to do list. It is getting close!

Kentmere Ward

In the session today on the ward, we decided to doodle! We let our pens form shapes on the paper, and then we filled each individual area with a different pattern. This gradually built up to fill each square and create the most eye-catching, pleasing designs. This technique is very therapeutic and restful to do, allowing participants the freedom to talk and create, or just lose themselves in the images. We folded the paper to form a small card, which made for a very achievable activity. Individuals then chose to either colour their images, or to leave them black and white. A very productive session.
Thursday Group
In a slightly quieter, but nonetheless productive session today, individuals worked on different projects: cartoons, coil pots, friendship bracelets, needlework, papier-mache and lino cutting. The atmosphere was supportive, inspiring and therapeutic.
This week the DeafArt group had a go at a few things including paper cuts and drawing the new Doctor Who. Please note, there will be no DeafArt session on 29th August but will return the following week.
Today we were working on two projects for other people! Firstly we were making Mayfly images from card. This was for the C-Art events in September and in particular an exhibition at Rheged. Loads of these Mayfly models will be put together each with words on the theme of something the maker cherishes. A few also started on Space Invader pics for the Comic Art Festival.


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