Well-being through creative activity

Week 35: Comic Art and Mixed Media Mayhem.

A quiet week before the schools go back and the holidays are done with. We worked on a number of projects, the window displays for the Comic Art Festival and a new project for our own gallery when we move. Recent weeks have seen some deaths that have resonated with our service users. Robin Williams for one. We also saw the death of Richard Attenborough who, as well as being a celebrated actor and director, had a passion for the arts and health. In a speech he gave on the subject he pretty much summed it all up:

“The Arts in all their glorious manifestations are an essential prescription for all those who are in pain. despair or in recovery. Creativity and imagination stimulate the spirit and in so doing, speed the healing process. They are a powerful medicine indeed.”



This week the 2Create group continued working towards the Comic Art Festival window display for the Game shop windows in Kendal. They started planning out how they were goinf to construct the models of some of Kendals more notable buildings before adding a comic twist. Some were also designing their characters to sit alongside the official Comic Art festival characters.

Kentmere Ward

The Kentmere Ward group had a choice to decorate plant pots or draw blackberries. The plant pots were decorated with images from magazines and torn paper. Some people drew the blackberries while others made cards and decorated using tissue paper. And of course the blackberries were eaten!

Thursday Group

In a busy session a variety of activities took place with every participant working on individual pieces: drawing, knitting, comic art, coil pots, sewing, needle felting, lino cutting and model making. One participant had been working on embroidery for months and they brought in the finished item, mounted and framed, to show the group. A brilliant example of her skill and patience! It is important to be able to support individuals in creating work that is meaningful to them.
The group had a break from Comic Art Fest and started work on a group piece for the new gallery. We are creating a set of mixed media pieces that will be stitched together in one giant work to display in the new gallery. Some also did their own thing, finishing a Barbara Hepworth inspired sculpture and working on heraldry.


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