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Week 36: Growing excitement

As September gets underway we have a sense of mounting excitement in Space2Create as we move ever closer to moving into our new gallery and studio space. There will be a lot of work to do to get it ready. There is also increasing awareness that the Comic Art Festival window display needs to be in place by October 3rd. A very busy month ahead!

It was great to post of the Mayflies the WellArt group made a few weeks ago and the artist, Katerina Prior, who is building the display at Rheged was very grateful for our contribution.

Please keep a look out on our website and facebook pages for news about the move. Next week is the last normal week of sessions before we close ready to move.



The 2Create group joined the WellArt group in making pieces for a group mixed media piece ready to go in the new Gallery. We want to create a large work made from smaller pieces by as many people involved with S2C as possible. We also taled about the Comic Art Festival window and made some plans.


There were three different things going on in the session. One group were working to create pictures with a limited palette, say just reds or just blues. Some were working towards the Comic Art Festival by making Space Invaders for the Game window display. Some people did more mixed media pieces for our group art work to go in our new gallery space in October. As always the WellArt group were very focused and creative but also supportive and helpful.


Kentmere Ward

In today’s session on the ward, we were experimenting with curved lines. One technique we used was to draw lots of dots on some paper, and then attempt to connect them up using only curvy lines; others just drew the curves freehand without guidance. Some then embellished these curves by superimposing yet more layers in different coloured pen; others filled in the various gaps using a variety of colours. One participant even created using curves and mixed media. This made for a relaxed, freely experimental and chatty session, in which some remarkable results were achieved.


Thursday Group

This week the group was extremely busy and it was lovely to welcome two new participants. There were many unique and individual items being created. Due to the large and varied skills of participants it is always a very supportive session with group members sharing ideas and planning future sessions as well as practically helping each other when necessary.



The DeafArt group were doing the classic half page prints this week. Painting an image on one side and then folding in half to print a copy on the second.


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