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Week 39: Comic fest and thoughts of moving!

The DeafArt and Kentmere groups have continued while our other groups have a break to move and prepare for the comic art festival window displays that need to be up by next Friday. A group of our service users visited the unit on Friday just to take a look and find out where to go. It is also difficult when you feel ill to make changes and our move is a very big change for people to deal with. The new place has a lot of potential and we can hopefully expand what we do to help more people.

Comic Art Fest

We were busy this week making all the bits that will make up our window displays in Game, Kendal for the Comic Art Festival Windows Trail. Its not easy to picture how it will all come together!

Kentmere Ward

In the session on the ward, we took our cue from the Pioneer Projects’ initiative, which involves decorating envelopes with artwork in order to send them out and pass the artwork on. The all-inclusive, no-boundaries nature of the idea meant that a range of creative expression took place; from the abstract, to the more intricately-decorated or pictorial forms of covering, there was a great deal of variety on show in the resulting collection.


The DeafArt group has been carrying on during the break for our other groups. This week they were creating swirly and bubble pictures just experimenting with paint.



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