Well-being through creative activity

An exhibition of photos, some paint splatting and a drive for installations

It was great to get our ne exhibition up this week and open, “From a different point of view” showcases photos by our photo group. The pictures have been up a week and are selling as well. We have had some great feedback. We are now looking forward to creating a new exhibition for the Green Door Art Trail. The Green Door Artists Collective kindly invited us to be part of the art trail this year. We are planning to create some large installations in our gallery that show off the talent of our service users but also challenge stigma around mental health. Some great discussion has been going on with far too many ideas to use just for this event but the creative juices have been ignited.


Exhibition Preview

On Monday we had the preview of our new exhibition. It was grat to see everyone there and we received a lot of great feedback and support. Chris Hogg, Kendal Deputy Mayor, was impressed and discussed future projects. Cherry Trelogan, Culture  Policy Advisor for Cumbria County Council thought the pictures were brilliant. Anne-Marie from the Lakeland Arts Trust, was surprised by how the familiar setting of Blackwell which she knew well was represented in such a different way. The exhibition runs till 25th March.



Today was a quiet day over half term. The group continued exploring ideas using paint trails to create chaotic and interesting images.

Kentmere Ward

On the ward, we experimented with air-drying clay. After rolling out and making various shapes from the clay using templates, we then took different sets of stamps and tools and imprinted or inscribed designs upon them. These will soon dry, and can then be coloured and/or hung from ribbons to make attractive decorations or pendants. The activity was very tactile, and helped make for an enjoyable and satisfyingly creative feel to the session



Thursday Group

In our Thursday session we continued producing items for forthcoming exhibitions. The birds made from papier-mache started to take shape. We also spent time discussing themes and ideas to develop our plans further, which proved very positive and helpful. Lots of work still to be done, but everyone is very keen and supportive.


In WellArt the group began work on an installation for the Green Door Art Trail in which we are involved this year. This will be a collection of small figures in various poses of distress and recovery representing the stigma and struggle with mental health as well as the hope offered by pace2Create as a healing space which all the figures will be heading up the lane to our unit. The figures were made by cutting three lengths of wire. Forming a body with one, arms with the second and legs with the third. These are then wrapped in newspaper to build the body and pose, held together with masking tape before being modroced over the top. We will paint them all bright colours for display on the walls and path outside the unit.


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