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Volunteers Take Control!

It has been a busy week at S2C. Each session this week was led by a volunteer showing the talent there is among our volunteers as well as showing how we are prepared to help individuals develop and grow their skills.

On Tuesday we held our AGM which celebrated a year of big changes for us. Our move into Unit 31 at the Factory giving us the space and venue to provide a much better quality of service to our service users. We also became a registered charity which will help the trustees in their work to grow and develop the organisation. The meeting also saw Jane Payne elected to the trustees.

On Wednesday we held our first Management Committee meeting. The committee is made up of trustees, volunteers and service users and looks after the day to day running of Unit 31. From cleaning to session planning, exhibitions to fundraising, the committee provides a truly service user led approach allowing all involved to have their say and contribute.


In the session we looked at Louis Wain, an English artist best known for his drawings of large-eyed cats. In his later years he was believed to have suffered from schizophrenia, which may have altered the way he drew. He continued to draw cats, but they were heavily disguised and embellished, often using patterns. We used his influence to start drawing an animal, bird, fish or person, and then looked at features we wanted to bring out with the use of patterns and colours. This proved to be an experimental but really positive session, with everyone producing truly unique pieces.

Kentmere Ward

On the ward  we created some tag books using altered postcards and previously generated artwork. We cut the base image to standard luggage-tag size using a template, then used images and text found in magazines (or added by hand) to decorate each tag. Having punched a hole (with decorative surround) in each, we then strung the tags together using a ring to create books with some very surreal, funny or thought-provoking motifs. These simple techniques lent a very relaxed and chatty feel to the session, which was nevertheless very creative in its outcomes.


Thursday Group

In the session this Thursday we looked at button art, and used buttons to create some 3D images. From a simple heart to a detailed motorbike, participants chose to build up images which were personal to them. Others in the session sewed and drew. A typical Thursday session: lots of individual work was created.


The group looked at the artist Bridget Riley, a leading op artist. Op art is visual art using optical illusions. The group were then show some techniques for creating op art, then created their own work using a medium of their choice.

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