Well-being through creative activity

A crafty week of mixed media frames, lanterns and surface casts

The panic is starting to set in as we approach the end of March for the Green Door Art Trail and Open Studios at the Factory. Getting work ready for a new exhibition is always difficult as there never seems to be a point where everything is done. Usually the last picture goes on the wall just as the doors open to let people in! We have been quite ambitious with three installations on stigma and mental health to complete as well as the fabulous artwork of our service users to frame up for display. I am sure, as always, it will look great and hopefully the message about the stigma associated with health conditions will hit home with visitors. We look forward to seeing you at Unit 31 on the 28th/29th March.


This was a lovely session by Clare. Clare introduced us to the idea of reusing old frames to create string pictures with elements within them of art and collage. She linked this to the work of Kandinsky and used his style to creale smaller images which were pegged onto the string. Other mixed media elements were also added depending on the individuals choice. The finished frames could be made more personal by adding photographs or text. Ant was creating an image from a film.


Kentmere Ward

On the ward we created tiny models from plasticine and stuck them into a frame, which enabled us to display them in a pleasing way. Everyone made many tiny figures and replicas, whilst supporting each other with ideas and suggestions. The small size made the activity very achievable within the time constraints of the session. As one participant stated, it was a very therapeutic and soothing activity to take part in.

Thursday Group

In the session, we carried on with the installations for the Green Door Art Trail. Many of us were working on lanterns, adding words and details. Meanwhile, others in the group worked on making model birds from needle felt, or painted the modroc birds produced in previous sessions. This was a very busy and productive morning.


In WellArt today we carried on the theme of last week based on the Abbot Hall Art Gallery exhibition of the Boyle family. While last week we took castings of surfaces outside thus time we created our own personal surface. First we made an outline of a shape to act as the mould. We placed items we wanted to embed in the plaster first then poured in plaster of paris. Before the plaster set we pressed in assorted items and decorations. As it hardned more we scratched in marks and added paint when it was set.

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