Well-being through creative activity

Stones, Lanterns and a cast of ….well a bit of rubble!

This week saw a lot of visitors to S2C and new session leaders. We always aim to make as many links to similar organisations as possible as supporting each other helps to generate success and gives  us a stronger voice.

It was great to see one of our service users who then became a volunteer, now having the confidence to take charge of a project and lead sessions. Not only lead the session but lead it really well. We want to see the people who come to us move forward and make positive steps to change their lives for the better and we offer a small step on the way.

Our open studio sessions are proving popular, just having time to come and be creative on your own projects is really helping some people get creative.


Todays session was led by Anne-Marie from the Lakeland Arts Trust. It was a great session. We started looking at the work in the current Abbot Hall Art Gallery exhibition by the Boyle Family exploring surfaces. We then set out to make casts of a surface around the Factory. This involved using wooden batons to select or frame an area of interest and fixing it with clay to seal it. We mixed up plaster and poured it in over the surface after giving it a coat of washing up liquid. After about twenty minutes we lifted these to reveal our casts.


Thursday Group

This session was run by one of our Volunteers, who has designed an installation for the group to work on, and which will then be included in the Green Door Art Trail. Part of the installation includes lanterns in different colours to represent different moods. So today, we spent the session bending willow and tying it together with wire to create a lantern shape. We then painted tissue paper with water and PVA glue, and gently stretched it over the willow to cover it. They will now dry, ready for the final decoration next session. Others in the group worked on individual pieces: knitting, drawing and model-making. A very busy and productive session.



A really good, busy and positive session this morning with lots going on. The main aim of the session was to start creating the stones with positive and negative words for a large installation at the centre of our gallery on Stigma. After initially brainstormng the words we wanted to use the group used a range of methods to decorate the stones. From simply using lettraset, painting, drawing with permanent markers and collage to mixed media. Some also carried on working on our figures while Ian borrowed a camera and headed out round the Factory and up to the Helm to take pics.


Kentmere Ward

On the ward today we looked at patterns. We worked on a small scale, so that the images felt achievable and could be finished within the session. There is something quite therapeutic about repeating patterns, either coloured or left black and white.


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