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A New Mayor, an exciting collaboration opportunity and Scottie Wilson fever!

I was very pleased to attend the Mayor Making this week at Kendal Town Hall of our good friend Chris Hogg. He is a great supporter of the work done by Space2Create and indeed of arts for health. He had some good things to say about us in his first speech, great publicity for a small charity like ours.

This week also saw us launch a new collaboration project. We are asking local artists to collaborate with members of our writing group. The writing group are currently working on poems and prose based on the theme of “transformation”. These will then be given to participating artists to hopefully produce a piece of art based on the writing. These will be exhibited later in the year and then auctioned of with proceeds going to Space2Create.

The rest of the week seems mainly to have been based on the outsider artists Scottie Wilson, with many of our groups producing work based on his. It is such a simple process yet the actual crating of them reminds me very much of zentangles which have such a focus on mindfulness.

This was also the last week of our current exhibition so we are now taking down and preparing to put up the next one ready to open on June 6th.


The WellArt group were finishing of the Scottie Wilson inspired images. Dana was working on a piece of her own. Those who had done started to look at interesting ways to Scottify text by overlapping it and drawing just the overall outline. Combined with the painting and pen effect these looked great.

Thursday Group

The Thursday group turned to painting the clay models they made previosly. These look really effective and with a coat of varnish will be put outside in peoples gardens.


Kentmere Ward

On the ward this week the group continued the theme of Scottie Wilson!

Creative Writing

The group had the usual warm up of free writing but then started laying the foundations for a very interesting project. The writing group is planning to produce a body of work that incorporates a theme of transformations, working together to make changes. This will be in a range of styles, be individual and collaborative. We hope to invite members of the other Space2Create groups to then create images based on the poems, we are also hoping other local artists might be involved. We started working on a piece today but they are all very much in draft form at the moment.

A poem from Dave in our Creative Writing group:

A Person Of Colour

I see myself in many places
Reflections lit in others’ faces
I am the light

The heaviness and solidarity
Of your earthly body is lost to me
I am the light

I have left the concrete tangible world
Mass and shape discarded as I unfurled
I am the light

What am i? I hardly know
Member of the spectrum of the rainbow
Colours parted by refraction
Giving white on interaction
Sharing in that group transaction
Purity on show

As well, I have my own attraction
When I split off into my fraction
And be my light


Today the 2Create looked to Scottie Wilson for inspiration. An outsider artist who created amazing complex patterns and fantastocal images. We took as our starting point one or two real life creatures or plants and merged them to create a new fantasy creation. Starting by drawing the outline then breaking it up into sections which we filled with watercolours so that no two agacent blocks were coloured the same. This outline we then inked over and filled in the sections with small repeating patterns. This looks very unusual and effective. Ant produced an optical illusion of a skull.

Blackwell Project

The group finished combining our initial designs for our tiles with the “Yellow Wallpaper” motif. This step is necessary so that we can transfer these complete images to our still damp tiles. We shaded the patterned areas to be covered in yellow slip and added our drawings and collage elements. It felt very calming to basically “colour in” the wallpaper pattern element in each of our tile pictures.

Unity Session





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