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A pause before things get Transformed!

Comic Artfest Windows done and up now we look ahead to the next project as the Transformations Exhibition comes together. I sometimes wish we could do things like this project just for the art and creativity but it is so important we use these events to create awareness and raise funds. As I write this it is World Mental Health Day and for one day the media and many others are focused on the subject. Mental health does not then slide away under the carpet on the following day. Transformations is a good title for this project as it describes what is happening to people. Mental ill health transforms your life and for many it never goes back to how it was before. It is easy to be negative and focus on the downward side of it but also the transformations that occur as you come through and recover. For some that transformation is ongoing lasting a lifetime. The poems written for the project are varied and all tell personal stories, some more hidden than others. Coping with pain, breaking free of a mind prison to fly off, memories that support, dreams and hopes.

As the artwork has been delivered to Unit 31 for exhibition over the last month I have been constantly stunned by the effort and quality of the work. It would be so easy for busy working artists to knock out a quick picture with no real thought but the artists involved here have taken inspiration from the words, taken care, thought and compassion to produce their pieces. At Space2Create we are very grateful for their generosity.

This week at S2C:


The WellArt Group had a go with oil paints. Mat showed a simple blending technique and the group experimented. One person used to acrylics created a fabulous eye. Some did there own projects including lino cutting, mixed media, knitting and two were finishing transformations pieces! Julie Tait from Comic Art Festival called to say hello too. Busy morning.

Thursday Group

A varied session with some making foam board sculptures from offcuts, Christmas decorations, rag rugging and embroidery! A new person joined the group too for a fun relaxed session.


In Deaf Art this week the group were putting together some very scary collages from magazines!

Kentmere Ward

We followed a very seasonal theme on the ward today, using a mixture of media (including real Autumn leaves!) to create a set of cheery bunting using paper strings. It was very satisfying to create each unique piece, and to see them eventually integrated into a highly decorative whole.


A bit of an odd session. After getting ready for Comic Art Windows we had loads of foam board offcuts plus some of last years we kept. So we had a bit of a sculpture morning experimenting and chopping up the bits to create sculptures.


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