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Time to step up

This weeks blog is all about stepping up to the mark and supporting things that are important because if they go then your shock and regret wont bring them back.

The Transformations project is my first example in this. We need people to bid on the pictures as every bid increases the amount Space2Create will get to help continue running the service we offer. If you don’t want to bid or cant afford it then this doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. Share the posts, tell friends, tell business people. The project isn’t aimed at the people we help its aimed at art buyers and supporters. What we need is for everyone to help us spread the word about the project so we can publicise it as much as possible.

Please pass on the leaflets, don’t just like facebook posts but share them so it spreads wider. We have already raised nearly £1000 which is enough for 2 months of Space2Create continuing.

I think many people in Kendal are oblivious to the work that goes on with seriously ill people and the disadvantaged in Kendal. Organisations such as S2C, Creative Arts, J de V, Manna House and many more smaller Charities and groups work hard to help support people and in doing so make Kendal a stronger community. What few people also realise if how precarious these organisations are. Many just a month or two away from closing all the time as they struggle to find funds. With services being cut by central Government and the knock on effects of cuts from councils and the NHS it is increasingly the third sector taking the burden,

It can be as simple as helping us let people know about what we do, promoting events and supporting our projects.


This week at S2C:



The group used water soluble felt tips to create drawings. But by brushing with clean water it picked up the colours and behaved a little like watercolours. The group started by drawing outlines then washed over. Watercolours could be used to add extra colour and permanent markers to give sharp detail.


Kentmere Ward

We spent today’s session working with fallen leaves, some big sycamores and some smaller leaves were covered in PVA and left to dry out, forming a seal which provided a canvas for us to work on with sharpie pens and acrylic paints. We quickly produced some quite different designs and colour schemes. Some of the finishes leaves were quite transparent and created a stained glass effect.

Creative Writing

The group, led by Maggie, did the usual free writing warm up then had some fun creating writing about keys. After this Maggie gave us all objects and asked us to imagine them talking to us and what they would say. This poem came from a bottle opener with a two sided face at the base imagining it had been made into a bottler opener by some Victorian who took an ancient artefact from a grave.

We do not belong here

We should not be here,
We do not belong

I adorned the fingers of kings,
For generations a signal of power,
Passed on from father to son,
In deaths glorious hour.

We should not be here,
We do not belong.

I was taken by barbarians,
Lost to time and history,
Taken as a trophy,
In bloody war and misery.

We should not be here,
We do not belong.

I was hung round a warrior’s neck,
With other victory spoils,
A chieftain slain in battle,
Buried and entombed.

We should not be here,
We do not belong.

Many years I lay in dust,
Then in a shaft of daylight I emerged,
Recovered by a robber of history,
As a treasure for their age.
We should not be here,
We do not belong.

I was crafted as a trinket,
Hefted as a memory to a metal shaft,
Eternal shame and humiliation,
False tribute to the past.

We should not be here,
We do not belong,
Our revenge on those who imprisoned us,
To share in our rage and pain,
Is to sour whatever they consume,
And watch with justified disdain.

Thursday Group

Although it is still only October, the participants worked on making Christmas cards in today’s session! We printed them using a polystyrene tile. You draw your image onto the tile and go over and over it, until you have an indented mark. Then apply the ink and print onto a card This is a very simple but incredibly effective technique which enables everyone to participate, making their own unique design. As can be seen, it is also a great way to make multiple cards!!

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