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Why it is important S2C takes part in The Comic Art Festival…

Is it worth all the effort? The weeks of preparation and hard work designing, making, creating. All that work for four window displays. The cost of doing it I worked out was around £300. For displays that stay up for two weeks?

Well yes it is. For a whole host of reasons. Space2Create works with vulnerable adults who have very low self esteem and respect. By taking part in the festival we give purpose to their activity, they feel like they belong to something. Not only within S2C but connected to the wider community. The problem solving elements and deadlines apply pressure but in a controlled and safe environment helping build resilience and coping strategies. From the outside to a well person this my all seem rather like having a bit of fun but the creative process carries a lot of hidden elements that when carried out with support enable life skilss that have been lost or weakened to be relearned.  Rebuilding shattered confidence is a lengthy and scary process but this kind of activity provides an ideal opportunity to develop and grow in a positive way to move forward and maybe start to look at similar pressures in life with new found belief that you can cope.

Of course there are promotional benefits. The people and visitors to Kendal will see our work and find out about what we do. Every year we introduce ourselves to a hole new round of people raising our profile. Goodwill counts for a lot when you are a charity and as ever working with the businesses has been a delight. Also all the people who have contributed time and materials generously.

We are extremely grateful too for the encouragement and support of the Comic Art Festival team who, as always, do their very best.

2Create, Thursday Group and WellArt

2Create was a mass effort by everyone to get things ready for the Comic Art Festival Window displays. Trees were made to stand, books were made, clouds to disguise frameworks, characters drawn, cut out and mounted and much much more. Jane took the Thursday session. The group were using collage to create houses in a quirky style. Work in progress to carry on next week. WellArt was very subdued  and quiet after a frantic few days. People did their own thing mainly experimenting with mixed media and lino cuts. Nu and Jamie were thinking about a logo for the Transformations to paint on the wall.

Kentmere Ward

We were working with a variety of different comics today, cutting them up and pasting them out of sequence to create new stories and visuals. These will be worked on further to make new stories next week.

Cumbria Comic Collective

Working towards the Comic Festival window displays this week, badges and masks made, cutouts for Lloyd’s window finished and a finished Carol page too!

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