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Being a small charity is sometimes tricky. Over the last three years we have worked away quietly in Kendal slowly gathering numbers as well as those who know about and support us. I like to think we also have quite a good reputation for what we do and a level of respect earned through the dedication and hard work of the volunteers.

Sometimes it feels very much like we don’t really exist. In the pantheon of charities both locally and nationally we probably barely register on the giving radar. And why would we? I sat recently and tried to work out how many people we actually support, help or facilitate sessions for and after much pen chewing I arrived at a figure (for a week with a full programme)  of 78 people.

Lets do the maths. Space2Create generates income through sales, room hire and session fees. This leaves costs of around £12,000 a year which we need to get through donations or grants. so £12,000 divided by 52 weeks is £231 a week roughly. Lets divide that among the 78 people we have helped which means it costs £2.95 per person a week to run Space2Create. Before anyone complains I know this is a very very rough calculation!

If you look at a lot of services that suddenly looks like damn good value. £12,000 may not sound like a lot but because we don’t have a large impact or a big presence it is actually damn hard to find. We are literally constantly three months away from closing.

This is why something like our Transformations project is vital to our survival. Already it has raised over £1000. a big chunk of our yearly costs. We would love it to raise more but the problem is, with a small pool of followers and supporters there is not the scope to raise much more. We can look to a national event like Children In Need with a mix of envy and generosity. Indeed many of us at S2C will be donating to that very worthy cause or fund raising for it. If only a tiny bit could come our way though……….

Please help us do what we do. Make a donation, buy a ticket to the evening event, make a bid on a piece of art and make Transformations something which keeps us open another year!

This week at S2C:



We had an abstract session. First finding objects to draw round randomly. Then we joined these up free hand to create interesting shapes before using a variety of methods to colour and fill the shapes on to give a look of there being layers if possible.

Kentmere Ward

On the Ward, we were largely occupied in making Get Well Soon cards for two good friends of Space2Create. We created these using the style of Scottie Wilson, a Scottish Outsider Artist, whose designs we attempted to recreate using our own imaginative twists. We started by drawing simple figurative designs in felt tip, then subdividing them into segments using simple lines. We then used a watercolour backwash (of grey in differing shades, in this case), and, when this was dried, filled each segment with various patterns in colour, often highlighted using fine black pen. We then repeated the process with looser shapes for the envelopes, and stamped names using letter blocks in the central shape on each. The effect in this case was hopefully suitably jolly and uplifting. Others practiced mark making using pre-prepared stamps, in what proved to be a very inspired and yet also relaxing session.


The Unity group carried on with the abstract theme using the same technique as the 2Create group this morning. Drawing random overlapping shapes, linking them together then painting. Another enjoyable session.

Thursday Group

With Julie and Clare away Mat and Kevin tried to take charge but Val arrived with a great idea so everyone did that! We made snowflakes by folding six squares into triangles. Then cutting four strips into the joined edge. Then we rolled the opened sections in alternate directions, joined all six pieces to create a snowflake. Chris worked on decorations and Nigel was doing some still life.


The group continued with the abstract theme. Many were finishing off pictures started earlier in the week. As well as this there was some knitting and lino cutting too. Oh and a fox mask!

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