Well-being through creative activity

Let me tell you a story…………….

…………………..so a couple read in the local paper about a place called The Factory described as a cultural and creative hub. They decide to go and take a look and visit. On arriving the first thing they see is a sign saying “S2C Exhibition Open” so they go in and see a man there laying out pictures on a table to dry. They smile and start wandering around the gallery looking at the artwork on the wall. Some of the art is amazing and they recognise one or two as being by local artists. Some they are not as sure about. They turn to look at the pictures that have been laid out to dry. “Oh” say on of the couple “do you do art classes for children” to the man there. He smiles, “No, we are a charity working with vulnerable adults using creativity.” The couple look at each other unsure “This one does look a bit like a kids done it”.

After a brief pause and a sigh the man there smile again and replies “No, that was done by a service user with Parkinson’s, they can barely hold a pencil properly and are unable to guide their hand well without the help of a carer, this one was done by a person who is bi-polar and a little manic at the moment, this one was done by someone who has been suicidal and self harming in recent times, this person is in chronic continuous pain and this one was by an individual who is profoundly Deaf and was so isolated from the community they became depressed.”

The couple look at each other and one says “Wow, they are beautiful”. They look round the rest of the exhibition and leave.

True story (mostly- protecting identities etc….) and the moral is, well you know, find out about what you are looking at, book covers…..

Some of the beautiful work by some of the people using Unit 31 this week:


The group were being inspired by the artwork of Sonia Delauney. In particular her circle based artwork. We drew overlapping circles and lines and coloured in the shapes created.



The group started today by looking at a range of examples showing images of the tree of life. From Celtic designs to Gustav Klimt. Then, of course, they created their own.

Thursday Group

The group today were working to create small flags with positive messages. We used materials from pattern books then sewed and glued or painted designs on. Finally we sewed the top to form a closed hole along the width to thread a string for hanging. It was a very positive session with lots of laughter and support.



The DeafArt Group were working on collages of magazine pictures. Trying go combine different images to make new and interesting combinations.







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