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Managers Blog: Mat reminds us of an important issue.

On Saturday this weekend, it was Suicide Prevention Day. The stats over the last year have seen rises in suicides, particularly men and more alarmingly young people.  I am not going to go into all the things you can do to help prevent suicide as that is well documented elsewhere but I do want to encourage everyone to take a look even though it can be a distressing subject. I think it is most important that everyone realises that they can spot the danger signs and be in a position, through even a simple word or act, to stop somebody taking their own life.

One thing that has always concerned me being in charge of a charity dealing with Mental Health, among other things, is people’s fear of disclosure. It always disappoints me when, after an event or incident, you hear somebody say things like “Oooh I saw them last week and I thought then there might be something wrong….”; you get the drift. Hindsight. Any organisation dealing with the vulnerable has to have in place policies and procedures that easily and confidentially allow reporting of concerns. It is all too easy to brush aside a concern in day to day life but just a word to somebody can make a difference. Even worse is to not say something because it feels like telling tales.

I can speak from personal experience. In reaching a state of mind where the only option you can see is to end your life, is such a dark and lonely space. The reasons and details may differ from person to person but it is self isolation and despair that lead to it. That one word or contact or action can make the difference. I was saved by one person taking action, immediately.

Some of the events at S2C last week:


The group were creating simple but effective pen and ink drawings with a little embellishment. First drawing an animal or character in pen in a very loose style. Then using brusho inks, again very loose, adding colour. Finally adding feathers for a touch of 3D ness!

Thursday Group

Today the group were at all sorts of different things. Some were just sketching, some making little felt owls, some butterfly collage pictures. Alongside this we were planning our Comic Art Fest windows display for Costa Coffee in K Village.


The group were creating in an unusual way today by painting with coffee. Using ordinary granules mixed with warm water they used it like an ink. With the coffee darker areas could be achieved by going over areas a second time.


Today the group were looking to start adding figures into their artwork. We started by looking at using very abstract forms. We mainly used oil pastels. The results were varied and effective.










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