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Diary of a madm…..er manager….

Managers Blog: Diary of a Madm…..Manager…….

Being in charge is always an interesting roller coaster ride. From people who don’t do what you ask them or try to bend it so it becomes more like what they want to the bizarre random events that suddenly appear to challenge. Being in charge seems to involve finding ways to say no without being horrible. Managing expectations, seeing what is possible, being aware of limited resources and ensuring the best use is made of them, the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few………

Sometimes it feels too much responsibility. I am not well. Then very few people at S2C are. But it can be easy to forget and I do too much and usually the end result is pain and a battle to stop myself receding into some dark place with a false sense of security. It is all to easy to take on too much and eventually something gives. I reached one of those points recently where I have had to knock a major project on the head as, in my judgement, S2C did not have the resources to do it. It will have undoubtedly disappointed a few people and it may lessen their opinion of us but better that than a project not done well and making us like fools.

Then there is the day to day nitty gritty. Bills. We finally managed to get the billing for our unit sorted out and had invoices that we had been demanding since we moved in. We had budgeted accordingly and had the reserves to pay but it was a massive total that was the fault of somebody over who we had no control running a business in a rather haphazard way. It causes a lot of stress and means that S2C needs to tighten its belt for a few weeks.

Then we move into the surreal. You leave the charity one afternoon and lock the door with all well and intact. You arrive early the next morning to find somebody has built a bike shelter across the access outside your unit meaning the route round and out to the exit has been blocked for our service users and their carers being dropped off by car. Unless of course they do an extremely tricky reversing maneuver while others are also trying to access the space and of course somebody has parked in the spaces that are yours who shouldn’t be there. I don’t often get really angry but that morning I was explosive and the poor junior manager of the particular firm responsible must have wondered what was happening but needless to say those with the power were conspicuous by their absence. I await to see how that particular saga unfolds but as the employees of the firm in question use the route past our unit as a thoroughfare they may soon find it has become and artistic assault course!

The week was saved by an individual for whom I have great respect arriving at the door of S2C and asking if they could come in and hide from the madness. “I always feel a sense of calm and relax when I come in here” they said.

The normal stuff from this week:


The group were busy today making sheep for a project where they will go into a herd. This is to support a dementia project. Others were collaging and drawing.

Kentmere Ward

We used brightly coloured inks, spread around with brushes, pipettes and blowing through drinking straws, to create brightly coloured abstract shapes on paper and card.

Once the ink had dried, we used inks and drawing pens to add detail and create a set of drawings.


The group were in Comic Fest mode getting ready for the windows trail. Drawing up characters for painting, outlining and these will then be mounted ready.

Thursday Group

Most worked on our textile tree project with one or two doing their own thing. The group were yarn bombing the branches, felting fruit, berries and birds as well as making textile leaves.


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