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The healing Art…..

Mat gets specific with some definition clarification and a thank you for the Lakes Alive event.

It was great to see the Comment piece in the Westmorland gazette where Cllr Chris Hogg was very kind in his words about the work Space2Create does and very enthusiastic about the benefits of art for those suffering Mental health problems and indeed many other conditions. I always geta little nervous around the words “Art Therapy”. There is art therapy and then there is Art Therapy. An Art Therapist is a highly skilled practitioner using creative activity to tackle serious mental health issues with a patient, using the art to target an issue and draw out responses from the individual to enable better support and recovery. For example an Art Therapist might use drawing activities with an individual who has suffered a trauma in order to understand what happened and get at events that the victim has been unable to talk about. It ranges from the very serious to more gentle issues. I must make it clear that at the moment this is not what we do at S2C!

We use art as therapy for individuals suffering and recovering from mental or physical health issues. This is in the sense that we use art as a tool to help individuals rebuild their well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and social skills. Ultimately we aim the help people move forward and start getting back into their communities as volunteers, into education or employment. We do not target art activities at a specific person or issue and the healing taking place occurs very much as a supportive and mutually beneficial group. What we do sits alongside the work being done by Mental Health Professionals in terms of psychological treatment, counselling and medication helping people cope with this and supporting them as they move through it.

The Lakes Alive event at The Factory looks to have been a very successful day. At Space2Create in the one day we had well over three hundred people through. A big thank you to our volunteers who were on hand to help, talk and advise the people who visited and also a big thank you to all those who visited taking the time to look and appreciate the work going on. I am particularly grateful for those who bought artwork, made donations and offered volunteer help. We will be in touch.

No pics this week as we had a bit of a break last week but all back to normal this coming week.



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