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Trusty Trustee’s, Valiant Volunteers and Comic Costa Capers…………

Trusty Trustee’s, Valiant Volunteers and Comic Costa Capers…………

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Space2Create is currently undergoing a few changes in its approach and the way it is run. On the face of it nobody using S2C will notice any difference but behind the scenes the changes will hopefully provide a better service and support to those using it. The trouble recently has been the growing complexity of what S2C does. When we were just a small group once a week at the back of a church room with 7 or 8 people  it didn’t need a lot of management. From there we now have our own Unit used by an average of 100 people a week. It all brings challenges around ensuring everyone is safe, the place is funded, all the legal responsibilities are met and (most important) our service users needs are met.

First thing we aim to do is to add to our trustees. We would be interested to hear from those who feel they might like this kind of role. We are looking for a few people to help us with specific skills and interests. For example somebody with connections to local business, somebody up to speed on legal aspects, somebody with fundraising experience or wider links to organisations nationally dealing with art and health. I think the key thing with any trustee of a charity is that they must fully understand what the charities aims are and how it works.

Another are we are looking to improve is volunteers. As we have developed we have acquired volunteers who all do a fantastic job giving what time they can. Again as we grow and develop what we do then this starts to get confused. We have sat down and written some clearly defined volunteer roles that could be done by one person or a team. Space2Create has developed four strands really. Sessions run by us for the benefit of vulnerable adults at our unit, outreach sessions to other organisations and locations, the gallery and exhibitions involving our service users and local artists and finally providing space and resources for other groups to run their own sessions. As you can imagine the volunteers we have really need to focus on one or two areas in order to deliver the best service we can.

Then we have all the projects we get involved with that involve collaboration with other organisations. The one coming soon is of course the Windows Trail for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and our partnership with Costa Coffee in K Village this year. We have plans and are getting ready but if anyone out there with a talent in comic art would like to help out in the next couple of weeks to get the display ready we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in being a Trustee, a volunteer or have a go at the comic window display then get in touch. You can use the contact form on our website, email info@space2create.co.uk or call 01539 482540 (during open times or answer service). We would love to hear from you.


From the last week at S2C


The group were looking at using g figures images and looked at ways to get proportions right. We drew line figures first then fleshed them out and added colour.


The 2Create group were designing characters for the Space2Create Comic Art Fest window display in Costa at K Village. Based on the menus at Costa we are planning a bit of a cartoon sitcom with theLatte’s and the Cappacino’s, two familys at homefor a comic fest EastEnders mash up!


Kentmere Ward

This week we took various leaves, painted the undersides with acrylics and pressed them onto paper, maps and newsprint, we also used the leaves as templates, drawing around them, cutting them out and using them to draw around.

Thursday Group

The group were making leaves for our indoor tree. We took some fallen branches and set them in a bucket of plaster. The group then started making fabric leaves using pattern books and felt along with other bits and sewing them HP. They wrapped wire to make stalks and put them on the tree.



The DeafArt Group also joined in with designing characters for the Costa Comic Artfest Window today.


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