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The Space2Create Managers Wish List (A non party political broadcast by the S2C party)

Soooo, trying not to be political or biased to a particular party. Very difficult. I have explained before how we avoid taking sides, not least because of the stress and division this causes during sessions. We are not there to judge people s political views and as a democracy people are entitled to vote however they wish.

At the same time the election is a hot topic. One that does cause those who are vulnerable in our society to become anxious and stressed. How do I know? We witness this over the weeks building up to elections and referendums, individuals feeling just a little more pressure in their lives when they least need any more.

Instead what I am going to do is let you have the “Space2Create Managers Wish List” available to all political parties free of any consultancy fee or bribe, I mean donation. Remember its a wish list and only there as suggested guidance for policy makers. How can I justify this wish list. It is what I experience with our service users weekly.

  1. I would like there to be enough NHS mental health staff so that when I or my Service Users go to our GP with a mental health issue the first place they recommend you to go for help is not a local charity. Don’t get me wrong, the charities do amazing work but should they be the frontline?
  2. I would like there to be enough NHS mental health staff so that Service Users are supported by more than occasional telephone calls from a crisis team, especially when they are self harming or having suicidal thoughts.
  3. I would like there to be enough mental health hospital beds so that those Service Users who are self harming or having suicidal thoughts are not left for days waiting for a bed to get the help they need.
  4. I would like there to be enough NHS mental health staff so that existing staff are not so overworked and stressed they end up on sick leave.
  5. I would like enough NHS staff, beds and funding so that Service Users in chronic pain, disabled by illness or with life threatening conditions are not waiting for months for operations or getting them cancelled at the last minute.
  6. I would like Service Users to get adequate support while they are unable to work so that they can live with some dignity without anxiety.
  7. I would like low income Service Users to earn enough for the basics of food, heat and power without constantly facing debt, eviction, hunger and shame.
  8. I would like Service Users with mental health problems and chronic illness to be fairly assessed for benefits and support without massive unnecessary anxiety, stress and shame.
  9. I would like my Service Users to walk through the streets without being abused or ridiculed.
  10. I would like my Service Users to not have to live in a constant state of FEAR.
  11. I would like it to be a criminal offence for any elected representative to lie to or mislead Service Users through campaigning they see on television and social media.

There is a lot more but that’s enough to be going on with. I know that there will be some who will blame our Service Users for the position they find themselves in or will deny that this happens or even tell us that we all have to share the burden of austerity. They are entitled to their opinions. I base mine on what is happening in the real world.

That was an unbiased open offering to all political persuasions………..


Some of the artwork from this week……

One thought on “The Space2Create Managers Wish List (A non party political broadcast by the S2C party)

  1. Echo your thoughts…sometimes you can get what you wish for…I like to live in hope as much as I can

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