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Making An Exhibition Of Ourselves

Yes, another exhibition, but this one is just that bit more special. S2C Summer Exhibition opens today (Saturday 19th August) 1pm till 4pm with refreshments. This is an exhibition that is focused on just the people who use S2C. The Service Users, the volunteers, the groups that use our space, everyone who is producing some kind of creative output is represented.

Putting this exhibition up has been a privilege for me. A privilege because I have an intimate involvement with each piece of artwork. In selecting an artwork it speaks to me massively not just because of any artistic merit or technique used but because each piece has a story to tell to those of us who know. You are framing a work that you know was done by a particular person and you are thinking “Oh yes, they did this when they were released from hospital, they were really upset at the start but they left laughing”. Another piece is selected and it fill you with sadness because the person who created it unfortunately passed away after a short illness. The next one you pick up is somebody who no longer attends S2C because they have recovered to the point where they have managed to go and find themselves a job so that picture reminds me of the journey they were on from first coming to S2C to the present.

Of course when you visit the exhibition you will not know any of this. There are clues in the snippets we have added around the exhibition from our serive users but the actual individual stories will not be there for you the viewer. However, as you look at the exhibition you can be aware that everything there is part of a journey for somebody. It will have started in crisis, it may have been created in turmoil or in recovery. It will have a story which you can only possibly imagine. But that is the same for artwork often in any gallery you go to. You stand in front and you can only imagine what the artists motivation was. There are clues with us as you know the circumstances.

So this exhibition is there to represent the community that is Space2Create. That encompasses the service users and volunteers, the visitors and those that use the space. All leave there mark there, in artwork, in cleaning, in creating the environment and the ethos.

The Space2Create community invites you to take a look and think about the multiple journeys represented in that exhibition.


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