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Safety in numbers……….

This last week has seen a number of interesting collaborations develop around S2C.  It is often a daunting to be faced with a large task but when the task can be shared it makes it a lot easier and even more rewarding as you develop links and new connections either at an organisational level or a personal one.

Over the last week our groups have been involved in three group artworks. The benefits of working on something as a group are many not least because the service users we have are often, literally, afraid to create. A group work offers the chance to feed off others creativity and have the anonymity amongst a group so that you don’t feel exposed. It also means that large creations can be achieved giving an overall sense of achievement but each individual feels a very personal sense of achievement having created their smaller chunk.

This also translates up the scale. When we can collaborate in a larger project with other organisations it also allows S2C to achieve more than it might be capable of alone. This week we had Manna House pay us a visit for a session. It’s great that we can use the skills we have to help another organisation support it’s service users with an activity they might otherwise not get an opportunity to enjoy.

In these difficult times more and more charities and groups supporting vulnerable people are being forced to explore ways to collaborate. As cuts increase and funding reduces there is no room for being insular. Increasingly the third sector needs to come together where appropriate to achieve its goals. In collaborating effectively it offers the opportunity to achieve far more for the local community than you might ever do so acting alone.

At Space2Create we work with many organisations in supporting them and being supported by them. From statutory bodies, NHS, Councils, funders, charities, groups and individuals it is only right that there is a two way transfer of benefits from working together to achieve our aims. Space2Create has always looked to do more and help more people. Sometimes the future looks very bleak and you wonder how to keep things going but there are always people around who can help you see a way forward. Sometimes progress involves risk. Calculated risk where you look at an exciting possibility but are unsure it will work. There is no harm in exploring possibilities. An organisation like S2C that ignored possibilities and simply kept plugging away in the same fashion would be doing a disservice to those it supports. If we had taken that approach we would not exist and would have disappeared along with the charity we originated from nearly five years ago.

So the future is difficult. But there are opportunities to be better and do more in collaboration with other like minded organisations. We will always look to achieve more. Who knows what might happen next?

This weeks collaborations:

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