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I can hear the thought processes out their already, churning away in pre-anticipated fear. “Oh no, he’s writing about change again, he’s up to something!” Yes, well, change is an invevitability of  being human. I don’t do it on purpose but when I change things it is because the change is going to mean improvement, or it means growth, or it means opportunity and new adventures.

One thing above all drives any change we make at Space2Create and that is the people involved. Ultimately every decision or change we make has to mean better opportunities for those vulnerable people we support or an opportunity to support more people. So decisions about change with careful planning and thought….mostly.

You know how life is. it throws up the unexpected.

Change takes many forms. Organisational change is one of those corporate concepts and whole books have been written on managing that change. I think to the days we first started at Workbase. An amazing charity that unfortunately closed down. Space2Create started from it’s legacy. The thing here is how different people reacted. The individual who refused (and still does) to attend S2C because it is not Workbase. And of course when we moved into the Factory that was another big organisational change, which proved to be a good move and has allowed us to grow.

Having suffered with and worked with people with mental health conditions I am very aware how difficult change is to cope with. As a charity that is involved with many people in this position I am painfully aware how difficult change is for them. I always found that in order to cope  I had to take at least one familiar thing along with me in the change, something to hang on to. I remember when I first went to Workbase as a service user. The initial fear was overcome for me by taking a painting I was doing at home and doing there. I sat with hood up concentrating on the painting and in a way kept myself at home in a new location. It worked for me. It enabled me to take that first step to get out again after serious illness. From there I have just steadily grown (with a few wobbles!).

So I offer you the reassurance that we are looking to get better, do better and do more. It is nothing to be afraid of. We will not abandon anyone and we will support our service users better  and better. Watch this space.

Some of this weeks creations:

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