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New Year Necessities…….

Another year draws to a close. As usual at S2C we have seen new faces appear needing our help or offering support, old ones continuing or moving on to better things. There are also those we have tragically lost through illness during which we had the privilege of supporting them. I always take time to think back over the year, both at Space2Create and it’s people and also at the wider community.

I think that this last year has seen two main sweeps in our society. Firstly the polarizing of views on a number of issues that has opened up deep wounds of  culture, race and equality. The freedom now felt by some to express their prejudice against minorities or differences they perceive as a threat through increased verbal and sadly physical violence. The degrading of our society eroding core values which has left many struggling to make ends meet or afford the basic needs to support their families. This has been counterbalanced, locally at least, by a counter move to make social responsibility a shared responsibility of the whole community where those who can support those less fortunate. It should not have to be like this, the state should take that responsibility but it gives hope that some are not willing to sit by and watch people in their community go homeless or hungry or have no support for their illness or be isolated.

So what is S2C looking to in the coming year. We have been slowly getting bigger and doing more each year so there is no reason to suppose that would change. I think the coming year is a very important one for us. We need to ensure we get maximum value from the space we have and the funding we get. We need to explore how we can support a wider range of society either by the sessions we run or by making closer and beneficial links with other groups. We also look to the space we have and opportunities to improve on that space either through development, expansion or even new premises. We also look to our provision of support and our personnel. We need to get the right people on board to help our service users the best we can and make sure that all is delivered very professionally to a high standard. Having said that we also need to keep that close community we have created where everyone at Space2Create has ownership and input into the organisation.

We only ever have one real thought and that is to support the vulnerable people we have who are part of our small community at S2C and spreading that out into the wider community.

On behalf of all who are part of S2C we wish everyone a better, more tolerant, supportive, caring and peaceful 2018.


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