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Why its good to come anyway…………

I know it is really hard to turn up to something new when you feel like crap or your entire being is dragging you into some kind of void that wants to keep you locked up inside. Been there. What got me going was my CPN dragging me to this place where there were other people. I was doing art with other people instead of hiding away and being alone.

It was a big step on a very long journey in my recovery. From the small start, regaining the skill in socialising, gaining confidence through painting and becoming steadily more involved. Building resilience by being supported through protected mishaps within the group that had no immediate impact beyond the table that gave the skills to then use that resilience when faced with the real world problems we all encounter.

So coming along to S2C and walking through the door is a big thing. As it is with many of the charities supporting people in the local area. We use art as our medium of activity. You do not need to be an artist. You do not need to become and artist. Just being there is enough, building those relationships, skills, confidence and resilience that will help you move on and tackle life.

You can come along and sit with everyone and have a coffee, matter, or stay silent. Have a go or not. We value everyone who attends and support them to be creative or just to be. I have reached a point where what helps me is having some responsibility and using my experience to help others. Some of our volunteers are in the same position having regained enough confidence to start giving back to others.

It does not matter what the problem or issue or health condition is the fact that you need support and you need to be with other understanding, sympathetic and supportive people is enough for us. Getting through the door is the toughest part but once there it becomes much easier and as you build confidence and resilience it becomes even easier until it’s not a problem.

That’s why if your thinking about it, you should come!

This weeks pictures by the brave:

2 thoughts on “Why its good to come anyway…………

  1. Very well said , Mat. Just to let you know I messaged Joy and she is happy for me to pick up the pop up in terms of talking to White Stuff so I called there to ask about storing stuff overnight- no problem and we can drop off by car at their back entrance Friday daytime. We can also have their trestle table. I can help with dropping off if we chat about it on Thursday. Have a relaxing weekend. Liz x

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