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Sometimes I am moved very much by the spirit and generosity of individuals at a time of great sadness for themselves. I have to say a big thank you to Sheila Stephenson who sadly lost her son John. This week she brought in a large donation collected by John’s work colleagues at Clark’s Warehouse at Watercrook who held a shoe sale to raise money in his memory. As always this money goes to help support those vulnerable adults we support through our creative activities.

We have had a number of donations this year already that demonstrate how generous people can be. Claire Griffel donated proceeds from her “Imagine Senegal” exhibition, the staff and patients on Kentmere Ward gave us a big donation from sales on a table sale they held and more recently Liz one of our volunteers led an event at White Stuff in Kendal selling Valentine cakes raising lots of money from the generous Kendal public.

This generosity is relied on more and more by many charities in Kendal as services are cut, budgets are squeezed, opportunities are lost to support the vulnerable. At a time when all these cuts are happening there are increasing numbers of people needing support. I think that the generosity of people, especially when faced with difficult circumstances themselves, is amazing.

I don’t just count money in that. Time is as much a donation as cash. All those who volunteer their time show a generosity of spirit that bucks the trend of the prevailing attitudes among those in power that everything should be paid for and nobody should take responsibility. Here in Kendal we certainly are moving towards building a supportive community that breaks that mould of everyone for themselves”. Volunteers are our life blood and they make S2C work, make it the supportive place it is and in return I hope we give them something they need whether that be companionship, self belief or just mere satisfaction.

Generosity exists with many out there and we have also been lucky to receive many very kind donations of resources and art materials. Generosity takes many forms and it turns out to be quite easy and very rewarding no matter with whom that is. Money, time, resources, food, a kind word, a helping hand, a positive comment, spreading the word about a charity, liking posts and sharing them on Facebook…….it all adds up.

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