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Kentmere Ward, a special relationship.

The Kentmere Ward at Westmorland General Hospital provides an essential service to our community in supporting the most vulnerable patients in mental health crisis. The town has had to campaign hard to make sure it continues and it is with good reason for the fantastic job the staff there do to help people back to a point they can begin to recover.

Space2Create has been very proud to work closely with the Kentmere Ward for as long as we have existed (last five years) and before when a group of us who are now with S2C went to the ward from the Charity Workbase before it closed. So in effect we have been running creative sessions on the ward now for getting on eight or nine years.

These sessions are not in themselves demanding or clinical. They are what they are but are highly valued by the people in the ward, the staff and the patients. They add in the value of a positive experience helping to boost confidence and mood for the patients. They help with passing time, as many will know, which is one of the difficulties of being on the ward, keeping occupied. They help build relationships, both within the ward between participating patients and staff, but also with the outside world and the volunteers who regularly give their time to the project. It provides a stepping stone for the patients on the ward to then have confidence to come to sessions at S2C or indeed to engage with other charities for support when they leave the ward. We also provide resources and ideas for creative activity the ward might not normally have access to.

And then there are those special moments when someone who has previously been a patient on the ward in crisis, has left, come to S2C as a service user, then as a volunteer and when ready gone on to volunteer for the ward sessions giving back to those on the ward the support and care they received.

I have two big big thankyou’s in this. First to the staff at the ward who very generously,ients, donated over £200 pound raised from a table sale they held of items made on the ward. The second is to Sue G who has been doing the ward since the very first sessions with Workbase and with S2C and who has very much kept the sessions going when we have been very short of volunteers to help us. If you would like to hy becoming a volunteer and giving your time to go and be creative on the ward, listen and chat to the patients then please get in touch with us via email info@space2create.co.uk or call 01539 482540.


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