Well-being through creative activity

“You don’t have to be……..”

“You don’t have to be mad to work here”, but frankly, the current state of provision towards mental health and the attitudes of some in this country is unhelpful, to say the least. It feels like Space2Create is getting somewhere, we are offering more sessions, some new faces, our local paper has written some nice articles about us, and in the last few last weeks we’ve been kindly invited to events that raised some cash, some big cheques have been handed over thanks to some dynamic individual efforts and some great teamwork, last year we sat in a prestigious awards ceremony (we didn’t win, but still nice to be part of it) and all this is due to several factors. 

The constant drive of management and core team, pushing the project forward, opening the gallery in the rain on a day when there might be no visitors, or putting personal problems aside to come in and do a shift in a workshop. The kindness of our friends, contacts and other groups who donate equipment, car space, money and especially their time, to help us put on a show, share theirs skills and techniques, run a stall, sell something and donate to the cause. Our volunteers are a wide range of individually talented and dedicated people with their knowledge and skills, and especially their time, together we can do anything. Working with other groups and organisations in collaboration, sharing resources and linking up with other like-minded individuals and teams who might help us to push the project forward and raise our game. Collaborations will be important in us moving forward, and together we can help more people.

Kendal is a small town, with some very dedicated individuals and teams working hard to bridge the gaps where people need help, this is achieved on little or no money and is driven by love and a need to help and share. As always, we need volunteers to achieve this, people with some time, skills and kindness. If you would like to volunteer, drop us a line and we can arrange a visit. Come and see what we do. We also desperately need an accountant, to help us move on to our next challenge, if you are, or know of anyone who might fit the bill, please contact us via email, Facebook or phone us. Thanks for the support.


Art from this week at S2C:

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