Well-being through creative activity

The Sweet sound of silent creativity and the healing sound of laughter………

Sound has been in the forefront of my mind this week for some reason. The odd thing is it is very powerful as an indicator within the groups we run at Space2Create as to what the state of play is within the group. The first sounds we get are those of greeting and the chatter of people reconnecting after not seeing each other for a week. That is a good sound, it is a welcoming sound. It is the sound that says those people who were isolated are not so isolated anymore as they have or are building relationships. It is of course difficult to come new into that but in that initial chatter there is the welcoming of the new people, the invitations to show them round and enquire, tho offers to make drinks and show the ropes. All these sounds are the sounds of a healthy group.

Sometimes the group is so healthy and chatty you have to tell them to shut up to get started and get on with the session! In sessions there is a gentle buzz of conversation and you can scan round to see everyone is included. Even those people who maybe want to just sit back from it and be quiet, you can see they are in the group, part of the group even if they are not in the chatter. It is very satisfying to observe because this is the healing, the support and the comfort that the vulnerable people, those low in confidence and lonely, it is the atmosphere that they heal in. We are making the space for them to be and to help rebuild.

Then every now and then there is a ripple of laughter. Sometimes a minor ripple and sometimes a tidal wave as everyone in the room falls about in laughter. At those moments you know you have a healthy and supportive group that can share those moments and laugh together in good spirits. It means that people who have so much to be sad about in their lives have, for a time, cast that aside and opened up to a little bit of joy in their lives.

Then on other occasions the opposite happens, the room falls silent. You look around and you see everyone working away at the creative task at hand. They are lost in those moments of creativity that remove you from here and now and release you from the burdens of daily life and you are somewhere else creating something new and original. And what is good is that everyone respects and shares that. Being in that creative moment doesn’t have to be an isolating thing but a shared moment across a room full of people who respect and trust each other enough to be able to be part of that shared creative healing.

When I say that the art is the least important thing and the most important people often are puzzled. It is the mos because it is the vehicle to achieve social interactions and it is the least important because the people in the room heal each other by those interactions. You can do art sessions but if you don’t achieve that healing then its just another art lesson.

This weeks healing outcomes:

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