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The Final Countdown…………………….

Well it’s getting close to the closing date for voting in the Epic Awards. It has been great to be nominated for the various awards this year and we have certainly gained a lot more contacts around the UK from similar likeminded organisations who use volunteering to give back to their communities in creative ways. Voting closes at 5pm on Tuesday April 11th.

Space2Create is rapidly coming to some tricky decisions about it’s future. One look at this weeks timetable show the creative community centre we have become, and all the different organisations we work alongside to benefit the local community in many different ways. Increasingly when people say to me “So, what do Space2Create do?” it is getting to be harder and harder question to answer. There are so many different aspects to it from the drop in sessions to room hire to supporting groups to exhibitions to outreach and more.

We start looking at the space we are in, brilliant as it is, and start thinking if it meets our needs anymore. But then what do you do, pay more rent for a bigger space, get a second home, Do we do more, less? Ahhhhhhhhh! Answers on a postcard. One thing for sure is that it is a group decision. We have and always will be more of a collective where everyone who uses S2C as some ownership of it and helps run it. Anyway, answers on a postcard.

Meanwhile, please do, if you have not already, vote for us in the Epic Awards. The link below takes you there. Some people have had trouble as the full list of nominees doesn’t always appear so look down list, if we are not there then click on the link below the list to find the full list.

Thankyou for those who have supported us, it is much appreciated.

Vote here: http://www.voluntaryarts.org/epic-awards-peoples-choice-voting

Some of this weeks creativity:

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