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In a bubble………

It is always a danger that we end up in our own little bubbles. You know what I mean. A circle of friends and people we work with who share the same views, Facebook groups we are interested in because they talk about the things we want to hear, It is a comfortable place to exist. The danger is of course that you shut yourself away from different viewpoints, avoid controversy, become blind to certain injustices and maybe even are guilty of making decisions based on very biased arguments without ever getting to hear differing viewpoints or evidence.

I hold my hands up. I am very much guilty of this. My online world revolves around the people I am friends with and follow which blends Sci fi, metal, gaming, science, art, mental health, culture and charity. It is not a safe place to be in reality. We all need to be aware of our world. Understand why things are happening. Not to accept information at face value but go digging for the truth. I am in no way telling people what to think. The right of the world is that you make your own minds up, but make sure you make it up based on balance, evidence and truth.

So why am I rambling about free thinking and awareness. In my bubble, the one with a heavy mental health bias, the world is full of reminders that next week is Mental Health Awareness Week from 14th May. Of course all those involved in mental health know about this as we are all telling each other about it and what we are going to be doing. The danger is that the people who really need to be more aware are the ones that are not in the mental health bubble at all. It is the difficulty of breaking through those individual bubbles to raise awareness.

Space2Create does what it does. In doing so we do try to raise awareness. This weekend we have had the open studios at The Factory where people have been coming through our unit to look at our exhibition in the gallery. Most of those have no idea what we do as they have been attracted to the art but then we talk to everyone who is coming through about what we do. The difficulties the people have gone through whose art work they are looking for. It’s an in, a chance to open eyes and to raise awareness. To burst a few bubbles.

Some bubble bursting artwork from this week…….


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