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Which box do I tick?

So this week I was filling in a funding application. Not unusual. I came to a section where I was supposed to tick one box out of many choices. Which area of need do you work in? Long list of different conditions, health problems and social issues etc. As I read down the list I was mentally ticking them all. Ok, choose one. Am I going to say S2C just helps people with mental health conditions……..no because that’s not true. A lot of work in that area but to say that just one thing would be to diminish Space2Create and it’s ethos. I wasn’t very hopeful of this particular funding anyway so I drew in a box and wrote “Inclusive of all conditions and situations”. I don’t anticipate being successful. It was only for a small amount anyway.

But, it’s true. We have people coming to us at S2C for every possible imaginable situation and condition. We don’t specialise in any particular condition, we specialise in making people feel better, feel confident, feel creative and above all feel positive about moving forward with their lives. One of the things that makes me proud of S2C and all the people involved is that inclusiveness.

I don’t see people with labels. I see people who need support. Yes it helps to know their issues, but it is not the defining aspect of their involvement at S2C. We do diversity and inclusion. I don’t need to have any boxes to show that.

This weeks inclusive artwork.


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