Well-being through creative activity

You can have any colour paint you want as long as it’s brown……..

Pthalo turquoise. The most desired and requested colour by S2C painters. It is a lovely colour, green blue blend in a rich satisfying blend that lends itself to sky, water and just generally as a colour to lift any abstract. Of course then it becomes a popular colour and everyone is using it and no matter how much you get in the paint order you know it is going to run out fairly quickly.

I often try to get people to mix colours. We are not an art college, we are not trying to turn anyone into a professional artist, we are using art in a social environment to improve wellbeing. I teach people how to mix colours. But when you are feeling low sometimes out of the tube is fine. So we then come to that fateful day when there is no pthalo turquoise left, well before the next paint order is due to go in. After the righteous indignation has died down and people get back to their painting there is a sudden stirring of hope. Somebody has been experimenting.

Yes, the quest begins to mix a near pthalo turquoise. I am impressed by the fact they go back to yellow and blues and then add odd touches of other things in there until, eureka, we have a close approximation and everyone proceeds happily.

So why am I telling you this. Because maybe, for me, this illustrates how S2C works a little and maybe enlightens. We are not an art school. We don’t make anyone do anything. We don’t lecture or preach. We do encourage people to be confident in themselves and to have a go. We do encourage people to not be afraid of things going wrong. We do encourage people to be self-reliant and to solve problems creatively.

We do encourage people to have fun.

We do occasionally end up with brown paint.

This weeks fun…….

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