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The Bang For Your Buck!

So, an interesting week, as they always are. I am forever having conversations. This week I have been working with a Marketing Advisor. Great as apparently we get 12 free hours of advice from the Chamber Of Commerce through an independent advisor. Why does S2C need marketing advice I hear you ask. Well……..its about messages. At events I am still always surprised by the number of people who have never heard of S2C. Then when people ask me “What do S2C do?”, I always take a deep breath because it always feels complicated. We do so many different things it is hard to describe succinctly. So the marketing advisor has been helping us develop the clear message we give out to people which is their first contact as it were before they delve deeper.

So I asked one of our groups what they though the benefits were of coming to S2C. They said things like, “Making friends, learning new skills, learning to cope in a social group, gaining confidence and self esteem, building resilience, becoming a volunteer, feeling like you belong to something, getting away from medical pressures and clinical environment, leaving with a positive feeling that lasts through the day, occupying time, stopping them being isolated, getting them out……..and more! So you can see why I find it difficult to just say what the benefits are never mind all the things we do.

So, okay, i’m meandering a bit here. But all this was set in motion by meeting a council official who asked us what we do. I started telling him all the things and the benefits. He raised his hand after a while and simply said “Tell me how you are going to save me money.” It was one of those moments that probably don’t convey as  they played out. The tense atmosphere, noisy room, hot day sweaty shirts and conspiratorial essence of the discussion. Nor the slow raising of his hand and the slowly but softly spoken words that cut right through my fog and must have been somewhat akin to the experience of Archimedes in his bath, the eureka moment.

Different audiences want to hear different things. Potential Service Users want to hear about being better, Organisations want to hear about services offered and cheap rooms, artists and supporters want to hear about events and exhibitions, people with funding want to hear what bang they get for their buck.

Well, I can safely say, S2C delivers a lot of bang per buck……..


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