Well-being through creative activity

Room hire

Unit 31 is our base. It gives us facilities, display space and plenty of room for running sessions. We are turning it into a bright, positive, inspiring space for people to come and be creative and enjoy art.

Hiring the rooms for groups or meetings

For a suitable donation any combination of the rooms can be hired when not being used. This includes evenings and weekends. We are happy to rearrange furniture to fit in with your needs. We give priority to groups which work with vulnerable adults to improve their wellbeing.

Using the gallery space for exhibitions

We are happy to hear proposals for exhibitions. Either in our main gallery or extended gallery space, or indeed both! We give priority to groups or artists who’s work reflects our aims, challenges stigma or tackles a health condition through their work. We ask for a donation of at least 10% of any sales.

If you would like to make use of Unit 31 then please get in touch through our contact page.

The space

Disabled access is provided along with toilets. We have a small kitchen area for drinks, and a storage area. Two large workrooms provide plenty of space for groups and the large gallery space is used for exhibitions and large group meetings. We hire out the space when we are not using it, please contact us for more information.


The main gallery is a large space. We hold exhibitions and meeting in the space. We hope to furnish this area with comfortable chairs to create a space for meeting, talking and looking at artwork. We are happy to discuss any proposals for exhibitions in this space and the extension gallery. This space can hold larger groups and has room for around 20-30 pictures depending on size. Tables and chairs can moved round to suit needs.


Room 1 

This is used for workshops and also acts as an extension to our gallery with the hanging system continued. Around 15 people could comfortably work in this space. There is room for around 20-30 pictures.


Room 2

This is a spacious double room with space for 20 or so people to work comfortably. Furniture can be rearranged to suit needs. We use this as our main activity space.