Well-being through creative activity

Creative Writing

We have no group leader at the moment for creative writing so the group has stopped running for the moment. We are actively seeking somebody to take this on again and will advertise when we have new sessions lined up.

As I stand on the wet sand
looking out at the ocean
I am aware of its force
beating all into submission
I feel the rhythm of the waves
like the blood in my veins
pounding, pounding
like the force of my emotion.

Meandering Thoughts

Like oceans they ebb and flow,
Eddies and currents swirl,
Crash in waves that build and fade.

Colours painted over a canvas,
Dragged and formed with a
Brush of experience.

Looking to the heavens,
Wisps merge and collide woolly and white,
Holding brief forms to evaporate.

Suddenly invigorated,
They leap and explode,
Furiously expanding with power and energy.

Until a pen is required,
And they hold substance,
Desperately scratched in inky abandon.

By Mat