Well-being through creative activity


Space2Create is mainly run by volunteers. We rely on people giving time to help run the organisation, take creative sessions and share their skills with us. Please select items from the menu above to find out more and how you can help.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering has many rewards. The sense of achievement and satisfaction gained from helping individuals who are unwell to make steps towards leading a better quality of life is immense. Volunteering also helps the volunteer through the gaining of experience and new skills, support and evidence for job applications and making new links with people.

At Space2Create we aim to support and develop our volunteers. This might be through in house training or training courses run by other organisations. We work closely with the Cumbria Voluntary Service (CVS) to support and develop volunteers.

Some volunteers come to us as part of a course or for work experience. Students in the fields of social care, mental health, psychology, art and education will find the experience gained working with service users valuable in their development of working face to face with individuals or groups.

Some volunteers move on from being a service user. As service users improve their wellbeing and gain confidence they begin to take a more active part in Space2Create. If we feel they are able to cope and it will help them develop and recover further we make them a Service User Volunteer which is a very supported role.

Types of volunteer

Space2Create has three types of volunteer:

Senior Volunteers

Senior volunteers are those who mainly run the organisation, take on trustee roles, manage the unit and finances as well as taking the legal responsibilities related to being a charity. This involves the accounts, renting property, dealing with statutory bodies, contracts and employment, funding, policy direction and being key holders.


Volunteers who come from outside the organisation with skills or interests useful to Space2Create and its service users. This includes all kinds of people from general helpers, artists, health professionals, carers, people who have recovered from illness and anyone who is willing to help and support us.

Service User Volunteers

Service User Volunteers are supported and do not take on roles alone. They work with the support of the other volunteers to help run sessions and take an active role in the organisation. This role is a step on the road to recovery for our service users and will hopefully help them move forward into other volunteering roles, education or employment.

Becoming a volunteer

In the first instance you should contact Space2Create to let us know you are interested and the skills you can offer. We will arrange a time for you to visit and meet with one of the Senior Volunteers. If you are still interested we will then see where you can fit in to the organisation to best suit your time and our needs. Depending on the role you take on you may need to have a DBS criminal records check to be working with vulnerable adults.

We are always extremely grateful for any help people can give us from an hour to a days worth. It all helps us help those who are in need of our support.

Skills we are looking for in particular at the moment:

  • Social media and web design
  • Artists
  • Photography
  • Creative Writing
  • Advertising and promotional skills
  • Comic Art
  • Exhibition curating and gallery promotion
  • Cleaning